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From Caddy to PGA Captain

I have been both fortunate and privileged to have carved out a successful and enjoyable career over the last 40+ years in the wonderful world of golf. From teenage caddy to PGA Captain I have enjoyed every minute and met some wonderful people - from the golfers I teach, to my fellow professionals. From club members, to Ryder Cup stars and celebreties from the world of entertainment.

AFGHANISTAN! Share my experiences with the PGA, Monty and the Ryder Cup as we visited our troops in this war torn country!

I feel it is time to share my unique and fascinating experiences with you and hope you enjoy my Golf Site.

From Caddy……..

Parnell - Teenage Caddy

Luckily as a schoolboy, I didn’t get the usual paper round or milk round but, thankfully, a friend of mine at school asked me if I wanted to go caddying at Huddersfield “Fixby” Golf Club. It was the nineteen sixties and we caddies earned 10 shillings a round (fifty pence). We could caddy for 4 rounds in one weekend and earn two pounds, which was a massive amount of money in those days, making us the richest kids at school. Read more about my caddy adventures…

Or see my latest challenge as I joined a PGA sponsored trip to visit our troops and promote golf in Afghanistan


….to PGA Captain

Parnell - Captain of the PGA for Britain and Ireland

My career has spanned 40 years and I have gone from teenage caddy to Captain of the PGA, for the whole of the UK and Ireland, which is massive – the PGA has over 7500 members. Not in my wildest dreams did I EVER think I would achieve this – the highest accolade that I feel the PGA can bestow on any Golf Professional. Reading about my two years as Captain of the PGA will certainly open your eyes. Join me on my PGA visit to Afghanistan, as I met our troops and the people of this war torn country.
I am still director of golf at Bradley Park Golf Course in Huddersfield. Visit me at my pro shop. or pop in for lunch or drinks at our Club House.

Ryder Cup in Afghanistan

Parnell takes Ryder Cup to Afghanistan

Parnell in Afghanistan

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